Mobile and Email Templates

As smartphones and tablet devices continue to sell in record numbers, many website owners are finding that their existing design is simply not the ideal way for users to enjoy the site's content when using a handheld device. That's through no fault of their own, of course, as the trend toward mobile devices has been swift and has allowed many administrators little time to adjust. The appropriate accommodations can be made pretty quickly in many cases, though, with the use of templates.

Mobile Templates Feature Responsive Designs and Touch-Friendly Interfaces

The key to reaching mobile users effectively is catering to a wide series of devices that are designed to be used by the touch of a finger, rather than the click of a mouse. Templates accomplish this in several ways, with one of the most popular being to create a "responsive" design. This is able to determine the size of the screen and actually scale down its design elements to meet the needs of mobile users. This is done dynamically, and it works for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, virtually the same way. It'll keep users engaged, too, and they'll be more likely to visit the site using their mobile device.

Email Templates are Another Key Way to Reach Mobile Users

As email has become just another venue for HTML designs, it's become important for website owners to embrace rich emails as a way to market their content, products, or services, to interested users who have subscribed to their mailing list. This can be a pretty tough design to create for many administrators, however, as it involves combine effective blocks of text with basic HTML that won't cause problems with desktop or web-based clients. The best way to learn about email template design and embrace rich communication with users is to choose email templates over a self-designed solution. These are created by professionals in the marketing business, as well as expert designers, and they are enable effective communication with subscribers right out of the box.

In a "Post-PC" World, Mobile Design is Increasingly Important

When it unveiled the iPad to the world a few years ago, Apple announced that the "post-PC era" was officially beginning, and they had decided to lead the charge. Though their claim was controversial, it has become clear over the past few years that the world is indeed moving beyond the typical laptop or desktop screen. For websites that want to continue growing effectively, that means an embrace of design must occur sooner rather than later. For effective mobile design and a quick adaptation to users' new habits, the best way to go is to select and deploy email and mobile templates together. The one-two punch represented by these options will greatly help a website's direction and growth.