WordPress Templates

With WordPress now powering more than 60 million blogs around the world, there is an appropriate demand for WordPress templates that can ease the pain of manually coding a new web design. That's not surprising, especially when the complexity of creating a new WordPress design is considered among the backdrop of the various other tasks required to operate a website.

WordPress Templates Take the Guesswork Out of PHP

One of the things that trips up many website administrators is WordPress' extensive use of PHP and conditional variables when pulling content out of the software's database and displaying it to end users. This can require a pretty extensive knowledge of PHP or, at the very least, a decent amount of time reading the WordPress Codex and referencing things on PHP.net. It's a burden that many administrators don't want to shoulder and, with pre-designed templates for WordPress, they don't have to.

Innovative Features Come Standard with Many Templates

WordPress is a highly extensible content management system, and many pre-made templates for the software come with built-in control panels or special features that can actually give a website the edge over its competition. Those control panels and additional features are often quite user-friendly, as well, promoting greater productivity and efficiency for the site's administrators or authors.

Best of All, They Look Good

WordPress is nearing the end of its first decade on the market, and that means designers have had ample time to create some really great designs for the popular content management solution. That allows for designs to work better while using the full range of WordPress' features, and it might be the leading reason to choose a template over a self-created design.